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Mobile apps have surpassed the web in the amount of time people spend on them. Second only to time spent watching television. This means there are more pairs of eyes looking at a mobile app right now than there are looking at a web page.

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With over 2 million mobile apps available on the Apple store and a million more on the Google play store, the competition for app relevance is quite fierce. Which apps pull through to the top position and remain there depends on a lot of factors.

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In 2017, Nielsen, a globally-recognized behavior-tracking firm, showed that the ratio of the time users spend on mobile apps to the time spent on the web is 9:1. Specifically, 9 out of 10 times people are using their phones, they’re on an app.

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In the business of mobile app marketing, the single most important goal is to get found in app stores. App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing your mobile apps to be at the top of search results in app stores.

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Mobile App Marketing
Marketing App's on your mobile phone | Get new clients daily

In the world of Digital Marketing, Mobile App Marketing has stolen the big share. In 2017, ComScore showed that literally 100% of digital growth stems from mobile devices. This is a huge snatch. But what is Mobile App Marketing? And how relevant is it to your business today?

Mobile Marketing can be used to cover basically all kinds of marketing that are done on a mobile device, including SMS, mobile apps, ads, mobile websites etc.

Mobile app marketing is the branch of mobile marketing that focuses on the promotion of a mobile app to acquire new users, engage them and retain them as loyal customers. This requires a whole new concept and approach to succeed. But first, you need to understand what it is about.

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