March 29, 2018

Mobile App Marketing Campaign

With over 2 million mobile apps available on the Apple store and a million more on the Google play store, the competition for app relevance is quite fierce. Which apps pull through to the top position and remain there depends on a lot of factors. One of the most important factors is the quality of the Mobile App Marketing Campaign for the app.


SensorTower predicts that by 2020, there will be over 5 millions apps

What is Mobile App Marketing Campaign?

Mobile App Marketing is the strategies and steps taken to acquire new users of a particular mobile app, as well as, engage and retain your app’s users. This is the process of putting news of the app and it’s featured in the eyes of the public so those interested in the app can download and use it. Mobile app marketing campaign has to address 3 of the top challenges facing mobile app marketing: User acquisition, User engagement, and User retention.

Each of these challenges is different in the strategies you take to win them over. So, in addressing how to launch a highly effective mobile app marketing campaign, we will show you how to excel at each of them.

User acquisition

With about 3 million smartphone apps available for download, there is no shortage of choice for users to download. So why should your app be the desired choice?

Download rate and a number of downloads are two important metrics to analyze the interest in your app. So, how do you keep these values up?

Launch Impactful campaigns

Brands have to try something different and special to attract the attention of customers. This will involve stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something completely brand new. Pokemon Go is an example of such out-the-box thinking that led to acquiring 100 million users in 6 days, globally. They brought Augmented reality to center stage.

Use Incentives to attract

Appsflyer carried out a research and proved that more than 50% of high performing mobile marketers offered a form of incentivized ad format in their portfolio. If you employ incentivized ad model for advertising your app, your download trajectory will definitely change for the better.

Creative and Cost-Effective Campaigns are the way to go

Spending a lot of marketing bucks on marketing campaigns aren’t always the best way to go. If you try something creative and unique, you won’t have to spend so much on mobile app marketing campaigns anymore. Take, for example, launching an ad campaign on Instagram. For very little money, you get your app introduced to people most likely to be interested in your app.

User engagement

Appboy showed that 3 out of 4 new users of an app fail to return to the app after the first day. It’s still difficult for businesses to retain users but if you try the tips below, you should be expecting positive results:

Personalize the app experience for new users

Users are more like to feel attached to your app if you personalize the app experience for them. You can achieve this by making it easy for users to customize the app (e.g, the UI), or upload user-generated content to share on social media.

Use gaming elements

When you add some elements of gaming such as rewards, splash screens, virtual gifts, badges and redeemable gifts, you can retain a lot of users. Users need to feel like they achieving something by using your app. Provide the experience for them.

Optimize your app for voice search

In a recent study by Google, they disclosed that 20% of mobile search queries are done using voice search. Adding the voice search feature to your app can be a great way to improve the app experience for your users.

User retention

When you place so much emphasis on user acquisition than on user retention, that’s like trying to fill a basket with water. You need to figure out a great concept to keep your users retained. Here are so ways you can do that:

Push notifications

This isn’t a new idea in the mobile app scene. But do you know you can step up your push notification game? Remember: There is a fine line between too many notifications and too little. Bring innovation to your push notifications strategy.

Improve the communication between users and developers

The easier it is for the user to talk to the app developers, the more connected they feel to the app. It will be even better if the user gets prompt replies from the developer. Improve the communication experience on your app and retain your users who have something to say to you.

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With over 2 million mobile apps available on the Apple store and a million more on the Google play store, the competition for app relevance is quite fierce.