March 29, 2018

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Mobile apps have surpassed the web in the amount of time people spend on them. Second only to time spent watching television. This means there are more pairs of eyes looking at a mobile app right now than there are looking at a web page.

What does that say about your marketing strategies?

If you have been concentrating 100% on web marketing, you definitely need to branch into mobile app marketing to stay relevant and up-to-speed.

Mobile marketing can be used to refer to any kind of marketing that happens on a mobile phone. Examples: SMS, mobile ads, apps, mobile web. But specifically…

What is Mobile App marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a means of advertising that connects a brand with its loyal customers through mobile apps and can help to complement a brand’s offline marketing campaigns and boost e-commerce. The main focus of mobile app marketing is to acquire new customers (new downloads), engage app users and retain them.

User acquisition

These are the actions you take to get more people to download and use your app. To increase the results of your user acquisition, you need to pay more attention to App store optimization (ASO), social media ads, and your mobile app marketing campaign.

App store optimization (ASO)

This simply means optimizing your mobile app to rank high in app store search results. When your app is among the top 5 search results, it is more likely to be downloaded.

Social media ads

One great thing about ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is that they can be very targeted at the audience you want to reach. A very great mobile app marketing campaign can attract greater attention to your app’s page on the app store.

Mobile app marketing campaign

Invest a little money into a mobile app marketing campaign that shakes the internet and your download trajectory will change for the better.

User engagement

So, you’ve gotten people to install your app, how do you engage them and keep them using your app? Remember if they are not using your app, your ads are less likely to get to them.

You can engage your app’s users with:

Push notifications

Push notifications – Mobile app marketing

Analytics and marketing platform, Localytics, reports that

  • Push notifications can increase user engagement with your app–up to 88%.
  • 65% of users with push notification enabled a return to your app within 60 days. Only 19% of users who don’t do.
  • 50% of users opt in to push notifications and say they find them useful.

This is a great way to connect with your app users and keep them up to date on offers and news. Just remember there is a fine line between too much and too little.

In-app messages

With in-app messages, you can personalize the app experience for your users. The app communicates with the user, providing a personalized recommendation, info, updates, reminders etc.

Also from Localytics, this is why you should use in-app messages:

User retention

How do you keep your app users from uninstalling your app? Well, your app will remain on their phones as long as your app remains useful to them. So think about this when designing the app features.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies
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Mobile apps have surpassed the web in the amount of time people spend on them. Second only to time spent watching television.